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About Me~

Thinking Of You by NAMEY-D0G
Danny's girl | KAY | 21 | Music Obsessed

:bulletblue: I draw doges
:bulletblue: I'm inconsistent with my art or page, so nothing will be the same for long
:bulletblue: A few of my fave bands/musicians are ISSUES, Breathe Carolina, Dierks Bently, Disturbed, Knife Party, Skrillex, Seconhand Serenade, Less than Jake, Yellowcard, Rascal Flatts
:bulletblue: I like Family Guy, American Dad, Attack on Titan, Fruits Basket, Fullmetal Alchemist, Space Dandy, Pokemon
:bulletblue: I play very few games.. Titanfall on occasion, Animal Crossing New Leaf, and Pokemon X are the three I'm currently entertaining myself with.

Want to know anything else? Feel free to talk to me! :3


Tuck's Space

Umm.. OKay so where do i start..First off. Im awesome. I mean, i dont mean to brag but you can see it radiating xD
Anyways. Momma, weve had our ups..and downs. Boy have we had those downs. But look at us still super close and planning to see eachother in person soon, to each nachoes and coffee, watch all those dumb films, draw, and laugh. all that stuff you named off. And i cant wait.
I dont know when exactly we met, i want to say maybe a year ago now? Maybe a little less than that, but god have we come far.
I love you momma! And no amount of anything can make that change, got it?
Sure we have the spats and sometimes we dont talk, but we always come back.

Ill always be here if you need me. No matter what, skype, text, call whatever you need ill answer! After all i am your son! I gotta take care of my momma.<3doesntmattewhatshere

Well always be family, no matter what. I really mean it when i say im going to stay by your side, you mean alot to me, youre one of the only friends i have left in this god for saken world, and i really dont want to loose that. Youre always there, with your silly remarks and goofy talks and everytime im upset youre there, ive gone through alot of shit this past year, and you and Tabs were the only ones i could count on, and i plan to be the same for you.
Im going to stop for now, becuase im short with words write now and this is prolly really lame and stuff.


What did you say?!

Stupid shit that's been said and needs to be remembered

:bulletblue: On a scale from "Yo my ngga there goes laqueesha" to " dam dat b one wite bich" how ghetto were they
:bulletblue: I'd rather be a cannibal than have a dead body in my bathtub
:bulletwhite: MY DICK IS POINTLESS



just me blathering

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 18, 2014, 10:35 PM

i have a doctor's appointment in the morning and i really should be sleeping but i really need to talk to someone or just get shit off my chest even though it's really not important and it's got nothing to do with art, but it's got to do with like mental stability/stress/anxiety so it's kinda like bashing my brain over and over again

what exactly are friends? 

you get close to them, you're great for a while, something happens, everyone's at each other's throats, someone tries to stay in the neutral zone because everyone's important, someone bitches, everyone drifts apart, neutral zone goes off in their own direction to avoid more yelling, everyone else gets back together, neutral zone gets yelled at for letting go, neutral doesn't want to be abandoned and tries befriending again, neutral is replaced and doesn't trust anyone, friendship crumbles, neutral has a total of 0 friends from original group and only speaks to significant other, repeat entire cycle

like what?
it's not anyone specific, it's just a generalized thing. 
but i have basically a similar thing going on and iiiiii
speak to dan, josh, and drew  and then the ladies at work only when i'm at work
idk i've lost all connections with everyone here and it's kinda like i'm floating around until i go on another year or so hiatus and start fresh, just like the last time.
i've got a few people i still talk to, and actually want to talk to. but the tight knit group that i had is long dead and gone and sides have been taken and everyone's going their own way. 
annnnd it's like this cycle that just repeats itself. it's like highschool? you're close for a while, things die off, next year things get OK, die off.. next year, things are ehhh  but you still love them so you're gonna try, annnnd the year hasn't ended yet so cross your fingers everything's cool.

i dunno. even at 21, this kinda stuff really fucks with your head. 

i want this appointment to be over so i can just ignore the world with danny and play minecraft for a few hours until i have to go to bed

Art and codes NAMEY-D0G

Art Status

What I owe:
Will update once last batch is done.

What I'm owed:
*If there is a strike through a name, then the art is finished, but unpaid for.
:bulletblue: = WIP
:bulletgreen: = Finished
:bulletred: = On hold


WIP, yo!

-AT- The New and Old Woman by KylarSilver16 Art by KylarSilver16

Sorry for the inconvenience!

If I was to offer Chipoons as adopts, who'd be interested? 

5 deviants said I would!
No deviants said No thanks.



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